Janet Anderson Piano Studio
Private music lessons for ages five to adult in North Seattle's Haller Lake neighborhood.


I use a variety of teaching materials for piano lessons, according to the age and abilities of the student. For beginning students, I generally start with a method book which presents all the basics of piano technique and music-reading in an organized step-by-step fashion, providing both pieces to play and explanatory materials for reference. For very young students, I choose a method book that teaches music-reading without requiring the ability to read English. Once students have mastered the basics, I expand their repertoire with various classical and contemporary pieces, supplemented with some theory and technique books; and I encourage them to try their hand at creating their own compositions as well. Usually I buy the books and students reimburse me; if you prefer you can purchase them yourself.

Of course a piano at home is essential. Beginning students need to make sure and practice at least five days a week, starting with a few minutes a day and working up to a daily half hour. If you don’t have a piano, it’s easy and affordable to rent one. Local piano stores offer rentals for between $30 and $70 a month, depending on the instrument. A good acoustic piano is always the most responsive and satisfying to play, but digital pianos can be good for small spaces or people who need to practice late at night (since you can use headphones). A “keyboard” doesn’t offer the same kind of touch response as a piano, so I don’t recommend one; but a real piano doesn’t need to be prohibitively expensive. A good instrument is a worthwhile investment in your future music-making.

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